Palm reading is an ancient art; it has been practiced at least five thousand years and is thought to predate written history.

Indian palm reading developed differently from Chinese. It is believed that when Buddha was incarnated, he could be identified by the existence of certain marks on his feet and hands which were only known to sages who awaited his coming. The Eastern approach believes that one’s destiny is fixed and wholly immutable. In the West, it has been proven that hands can change dramatically.

In the Bible, palm reading was used as a map to determine the life path. Ancient Greeks interpreted the sounds made by slapping rose petals on the back of the hand as prophetic indications for the future. Aristotle, Pythagorus and Hippocrates were known to have used palmistry. Julius Caesar was so well versed in the art that it was “impossible for any man whose palm he had seen to deceive him in any way”.

The hidden self knows more than the external self can ever learn in the course of existence, and is responsible for every show of inspired action. Those who have come near to the borderland which separates the known from the unknown are most likely to seek beyond the threshold of our normal consciousness for an answer to the deeper parts of life. Palm reading can be used to catch a glimpse of the inner soul. Hands are the visible part of the brain.

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